Through a passion and love for fine food, the NoShortcuts name was developed to reflect the care and straightforward approach that has been adopted in the development and creation of the product range. There are simply ‘no shortcuts’ taken in the preparation process, with each product being created from basic and simple ingredients that we all know and understand. At times, the preparation and cooking process may seem painstakingly labour intensive, but there is no substitute for hand-prepared goods created from minimal ingredients. 

Owner Mary Brons has always been conscious of food being healthy and has incorporated this philosophy into her products. “It all began very simply - I would use fresh surplus produce from my own or friend’s gardens and trees. From very traditional (some may say old-school) recipes, handed down through family and friends. Some of the flavours in my products no doubt reflect my heritage with my Dutch parents, who spent time in Indonesia before finally settling in NZ. In essence, I like to use completely natural produce and cook the old fashioned way, in their purest form, with no unnecessary additives, in small batches - just like mum made!”

Mary created NoShortcuts as an artisan range of hand crafted chutneys, relishes, pickles and jam.  Her raw materials are sourced locally, handpicked from suppliers who are able to provide the standard and freshness of fruits and vegetables demanded. She also looks for those which are ethically and sustainably produced, with the emphasis being on minimal chemical application, integrated pest management, and ultimately organic or (spray free) wherever possible.

Mary has grown her business from start up in her home to a commercial kitchen based on the Hibiscus Coast. The range has expanded by two new products over the past year, with more on the horizon. Another recent addition to the range that is gaining momentum is the 1kg and 2 kg size catering tubs designed to suit the food service industry. These are made to order by emailing (along with any other enquiries) to 

NoShortcuts has been presented with numerous Farmers Market Awards and was selected as a finalist in not just one but two, categories of the 2017 NZ Food Awards.

NoShortcuts products are now being stocked by over 30 outlets nationwide, including independent Nosh stores and Farro Fresh, who in September 2017 named Mary their Producer of the Month; a highly sought after and prized accolade.