NoShortcuts Gourmet Chutneys is a stand-alone business manufacturing, marketing, and distributing, hand crafted artisan chutneys and relishes.

Through a passion and love for fine food, founder Mary Brons was inspired to create the name NoShortcuts to reflect the care and straight-forward approach that has been adopted in the development of her premium product range. There are simply ‘no shortcuts’ taken in the manufacturing process, with each product being created from fresh, natural ingredients that we all know and understand. At times the preparation and cooking process may seem painstakingly time consuming, but this labour of love achieves beautiful flavour and texture.

Over the years the popularity of the range has grown significantly due to its NZ Natural and Artisan qualities that have become increasingly appealing to the NZ consumer. Consequently, NoShortcuts can be found today in over 50 outlets nationwide.

Significant time has been spent developing brand and product awareness through various Farmers Markets and Food Shows. NoShortcuts was awarded 2014 and 2015 Farmers Markets Awards, and 2017 saw the brand recognised by Farro Fresh to become their Producer of the Month, in Ray McVinnie’s Bite magazine article and as a finalist in two categories of the NZ Food Awards, for their Feijoa & Ginger Jam. In 2018 the same Feijoa & Ginger jam was chosen as part of the kiwiana hamper gifted by our PM Jacinda Ardern, to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

Most recently, NoShortcuts’ Mustard Pickle was nominated as a NZ Artisan Award 2018 finalist and the company won the Countdown Supermarkets Grocery Food Award of the 2018 NZ Food Awards, recognising innovation in one of their newest products Feijoa Kasundi; an Indian style chutney that is hot, spicy, tangy and very healthy.

We are proud of making products for today’s time poor yet health conscious and environmentally aware consumers, a range of traditional chutney, pickle, relish and jam that is wholesome, real food, in the fast and easy convenience of a recyclable glass jar.

We encourage food-lovers to be creative “Blend during cooking as a garnish or flavour-enhancer, use as a topping or a side-dressing and be limited only by your imagination!” 

The NoShortcuts products are also available in Food service sizes . 

To find out more, email [email protected] , or connect Noshortcutsnz on Facebook or noshortcutschutneys on Instagram